An AWARD winning Gin...

Well you know you are on your way when you start to get "Gongs" as my father used to say... And this month, we have got a few and we are well and truly excited.

DIFFORD'S GUIDE (THE Bible for Gin lovers, hotels, bars, restaurants), sampled our gin and gave us their top accolade Quality Stamp which has 5 levels, and we received the very top:  "outstanding"!  We nearly fell of the chair when we saw that we had received their Quality Stamp with 5* +... (that's equivalent to a GOLD outstanding medal!) 

Check us out here:

And if you are interested in how they rate their stamps you can find out more here:

As if that didn't get us jumping through hoops, after months of waiting, having entered the London Spirits Competition, we heard that we had won a BRONZE award!

The London Spirits Competition is one the biggest yearly competitions for Spirits and is dubbed "the Worlds most relevant Spirits competition".  This is an incredible achievement for us, it truly means we are an "Award winning Gin", and can use the London Spirits sticker on our Gin, on our Social Media, and PR...  essentially, it means we are a flipping brilliant gin. 

You can see us on their list of winners here:

So all in all it has been one heck of a month and we are so proud to now have some major achievements that we can shout about! Brilliant.... Now with all that excitement, I need a very large G & T and a lie down...

Enough said....





philippa symes