Palma Violets and all things Gin...

Who would have thought it - a Palma Violet Gin? But here is the interesting (and somewhat annoying issue), when we created one of our first samplings, it tasted so much like Palma violets that we tossed it out... ah well... the secret to making good gin, if there is one, is making one that you absolutely love and we love love our gin.

So it's been an exciting March, we now have several pubs/restaurants stocking our gin and it is going down exceptionally well. We also have attracted the attention of several online marketeers who are keen to have their hands on our Hustle but of course at ridiculous, silly prices, so we are continuing to keep our gin where it needs to be - in high places as well as in our fridge!

This month, with all the Easter comings and goings we are settling into finding new avenues to market - the idea of standing in pouring rain selling gin does not appeal, however basking in glorious sunshine if we can find it, in the summer months at festivals has a seducing lure... and so we now have some events in the diary (we are fair-weather ginnies...) The Cheltenham Foodie Fest beckons, but we have declined the BBC good food for this year as we simply don't have enough gin for lots of people who seem to just want to sample lots of gin without a toss about what it is.

But there are some fantastic festivals for us to consider next year and we have our radar out for the speciality shows. And what else this month, well we have entered a few competitions, so getting our feet wet in all sorts of puddles at the moment, and all very exciting.

Of course the ultimate would be to be on Sunday Brunch, or even breakfast bites... anyone got any contacts...?

philippa symes